The Pearl Harbor Submarine Officers’ Spouses’ Association exists as a social non-profit organization, for the general benefit of the submarine community and other worthwhile causes through fundraising and other activities. Pearl Harbor SOSA shall foster friendships and provide mutual support for its members, thus benefiting the wives of submarine officers in the Pearl Harbor area.


Welcome Coffee 2013

Monthly General Membership Meetings for the 2013-14 club year began with the Welcome Coffee on the August 15, 2013 at Lockwood Hall Lanai.  All subsequent meetings are held at the Fellowship Hall of Pearl Harbor Memorial Chapel on the 3rd Thursday of each month from September through April (exceptions include November’s Members Only Meeting and MiBiGiFi Auction and there is no general meeting in December).  Each meeting begins with socializing at 9:30 a.m. followed by the strike of the President’s gavel at 10:00 a.m.  Our first general membership meeting was held on Thursday, September 19, 2013.

Executive Board meetings are held the first Thursday of the month. All members are welcome to attend though this meeting is primarily for Executive Board members, advisors and committee chairs/reps.  Please see the ISWAS newsletter for location details or contact our president at president@pearlharborsosa.org.

Honorary & Advisory Members

Honorary President: Lisa S.
:  Donna C.
Advisor (CSS-1)
:  Judy C.
Advisor (CSS-7)
: Denise S.

Exec Board 2013-14

Executive Board 2013-2014



President: Jamie M.
Vice President
: Tiina H.
: Elena P.
: Jamie W.


(as of 30 SEPT 2013)

Dolphin Store Advisor:
Molly K.
Dolphin Store Treasurer: Sarah H.
Dolphin Store Manager: Trisha M.
Welcome Coffee: Carrie H.
Historian: Fara F.
ISWAS Editor: Constance T.
Membership: Staci M.
Make it, Bake it, Grow it : Olivia S.
Babysitting: Christy R.
Fisher House : Jody F.
Parliamentarian: Perry H.
Website & Social Media: Jamie M.
Scholarship: Sarah S.
Lunch Bunch: VACANT
Silver Café: VACANT
Aloha Oe Tea: Tanya H. and Michelle R.
Oktoberfest: Sarah H., Tara L. and Lee-Anne H.
Holiday Social
: Melissa F., Perry H., Chrisanne S., Kimberly M.
Mom’s Out Group: VACANT
Installation Tea: Jenny T.
Nominations: Tracy D.
Wine Tasting: Tanya H. and Michelle R.