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2022-2023  Board Members


Kaitlin Sheridan


Kaitlin Sheridan has a husband and two boys. She is originally from New Jersey and attended college in Maryland. She met her husband in Charleston, South Carolina, where she had gone for a teaching position after college. She has also been a school administrator. Kaitlin has been active in PHSOSA this past club year and looks forward to leading the group in 2022-23.


Jessica Roberts

Vice President

Jessica Roberts moved to Oahu in 2016. She now lives in Kailua with her husband, Dan, and baby girl, Reese.

She loves a dip in the ocean, chasing a sunset, and a good cocktail. She runs a customized yard sign rental business to celebrate life's little and biggest moments. 

As of mid-fall 2022, Jessica is also serving as acting president during the president's absence.


Michelle Moore


Michelle Moore has recently become active in PHSOSA. She is looking forward to serving as treasurer.


Ashley Buonomo


Ashley Buonomo, her husband, and their children were recently assigned to Pearl Harbor.

She has been active in leadership and as a member in other SOSA clubs in the past.

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