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2023-2024  Board Members


Griffin Monley


I am a submarine wife of nine years, with three children in the process, and can confidently agree with him! This lifestyle is a challenge, but the pros far outweigh cons. At different stages in our time living the submarine life, I’ve been a full-time working professional, part-time freelance worker, and full-time stay-at-home-mom. It has been a blessing to be a part of six duty stations thus far, and I look forward to many more opportunities in our future. SOSA remains to be one of the highlights in the submarine world, offering friendships and stability for newcomers and salty gals alike.

As for my career path, I have experience in consulting as well as Digital Account Management. After graduating from Georgia Tech, I immediately joined the consulting world and enjoyed the variety and travel. Once we began moving around the country, I transitioned to a digital agency, 10up Inc., where I was an Account Manager focused in both sales and web strategy. Since then, I’ve volunteered with the our former FRG and Kings Bay SOSA, as well as substitute taught in Monterey, California at Santa Catalina School. In my (limited) free time, I enjoy reading, exercising, hiking, playing with the kids, and exploring Oahu.



Monique Hunter

Vice President

I have been with my submariner since our days at the Naval Academy (Class of 2016) and we have been married for just over five years. We have one 2-year-old daughter, Addie Rose, and another baby girl, Haley, on the way at the end of April!


Before having our children, I served as a Surface Warfare Officer aboard the USS SAN ANTONIO (LPD17) and the USS BILLINGS (LCS15). Now I’m a reservist serving with a unit out here in Hawaii. This is the first SOSA group I have been a part of and I have been happily acting as the membership chair for about a year and a half.


In addition to being a member of PHSOSA, I have also been involved with the preparation for this year’s Dolphin Scholarship Auction. I am so incredibly grateful to have a group like PHSOSA in my life and to have people who understand the crazy submarine journey. You all keep me cool, calm, and collected most days! I hope to keep the group as alive and active as possible so that many more spouses can benefit from the camaraderie and support we provide here!


Melanie Weerheim


Melanie is a salty submarine spouse of 20 years. She and her husband, Jeremy, hail from the middle of nowhere South Dakota. Both are graduates of Auburn University. WAR EAGLE! They also have two kiddos and a very large cat.

Melanie enjoys laying on the beach, kayaking and pretending to look like a coordinated paddleboarder. She has previously been a SOSA board member in Kings Bay and Bangor. SOSA is usually the first place she goes to make connections and find community at a new duty station


Marla Musselwhite


My husband and I are both from South Carolina and we have been married for almost 10 years. I graduated from Clemson University with my B.S in Nursing and I was an RN until our children were born. We have two kids, Sam, 7, and Claire, 5, who are homeschooled.


We have been in Hawaii for almost a year and my husband is currently the ENG on the USS Missouri. I teach at my children's homeschooling Co-op and I also volunteer with the AWANA program at the Chapel on Hickam. I also like to sew, quilt, and embroider during my free time.


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