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Submarine Community Cookbook


Best Fed in the Fleet: Recipes from the Deep to the Dining Room

A Submarine Community Cookbook

The perfect heirloom cookbook for the submariner family! This cookbook includes over 800 recipes submitted by submariners, families, retirees and submarine commands. The pages are colored with iconic art by renowned submarine spouses of today as well as wonderful photos of food and submarine life.

This legacy cookbook is the latest in a long line of submarine spouse cookbooks. A must have addition to your home galley and a perfect gifting idea for the holidays or Hail and Farewell events.

Available in paperback and hardcover. 436 color pages.


All profits go to supporting the Dolphin Scholarship Fund.

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How to Buy


If you're interested in submitting a bulk order of multiple copies, contact the Pearl Harbor Dolphin Store:
(808) 473-2753,, OR


Why a Cookbook?

"In addition to the fun of sharing with each other our favorite recipes, we hope that this book will be an informal roster of friends old and new - and that as we thumb through its pages we shall find happy memories in the names contained herein." ​

- Lurline B. Crawford, Cookbook Committee chair (1952, 1959) for the “Dolphin Dishes” Cookbook


With the 2020 release of "Best Fed in the Fleet: Recipes from the Dining Room to the Deep," our goal is twofold: 

1) In the spirit of Mrs. Crawford’s words, our submarine community is a family of our own making, steadfast and determined in friendship. Like our submarines, our love runs deep. What better way to share it than by the breaking of bread?

2) 100% of the book sale proceeds will be donated to the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation. Dolphin Stores have closed in many submarine ports, and DSF loses more support every year. This is something we can do to continue to support a cause that gives back to our community and future generations.

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